Summer In Swan Valley

Summer Activities 1

Whitewater Rafting
in Alpine, WY

Pickup for this 8-mile Snake River Canyon Whitewater Trip is now available just 25 minutes away in Alpine, WY. Dave Hansen Whitewater takes you on the 8 mile whitewater stretch through the Snake River Canyon and through a mix of calm sections where you’ll be able to take in the scenery and wildlife, and exciting rapids where you’re more than likely to get a little wet. Their custom made, state of the art Aire rafts can hold up to 16 people, but usually have 14-16 people in them, with 8-10 paddle spots in each boat OR book a private 8 person guided raft trip. Either way you’ll have a blast on the water! (Ages 6 and up)

Summer Activities 2

Palisade Reservoir
& Watercraft Activities

Palisades Reservoir is held by the Palisades Dam and is the ideal boating and recreational area for all ages. Experience Boating, Water-Skiing, Fishing, Kayaking, Jet Skiing, and Paddle Boating can all on this scenic Reservoir. Palisades Reservoir is open to Fishing all year round. Cut-throat Trout are the staple fish for angling on Palisades. Watercraft Rentals Available from Adventure Rentals in Alpine, WY.

Summer Activities 3

Hiking & Scenic Trails in Swan Valley

Find some awesome trails just down the road from the River Retreat Lodge. Palisades Creek runs right next to the Lodge and if you follow it, it will lead you to some incredible small lakes and waterfalls. An exceptional walking trail for both those of medium and expert skill levels. Local trails abound – check out alltrails.

Summer Activities 4

Backcountry & Trail Rides

Whether it’s Trail Riding, Overnight Pack Trips, or Big Game Hunting Excursions, Swan Valley Outfitters will take you on the experience of a lifetime. Enjoy a beautiful horseback trip along the banks of West Pine Creek with Swan Valley Outfitters. Gorgeous mountain and creek views await you with a wonderful opportunity to see wildlife and a wide variety of bird species while you ride along on sturdy, dependable stock. Call us for recommendations for other area trail rides.