#1 Best Fly Fishing in US : Set Your Hook At This Trifecta River Destination

Reel in Adventure in Swan Valley, ID, and Star Valley, Wyoming: Hands down, this is the best fly fishing in US. Spring means more fish, clean water, and a fly-casting retreat in perfect conditions. This off-the-beaten-path location is about an hour from Jackson Hole, WY, and offers exquisite fishing on the Southfork of the Snake River and nearby access to Wyoming Rivers, The Greys, and The Salt. Fishing is incredible in spring, summer, and fall, with access to the trifecta of pristine rivers! 

Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel frequent these rivers, and the area offers some of the best mom-and-pop places to stay with insider knowledge of the rivers. Fishing guides and outfitters are booking spring and summer fishing trips now.

Why Fish Swan Valley and Star Valley This Spring?

  • Late February And March Mean, More Fish

Late February and all of March are some of the best fishing during the year on the Southfork of the Snake River.  This is because the water levels are under 1000 CFS (cubic feet per second).  This means there are more fish per square capita of water.  It will fish fantastic until the CFS gets to about 2200.  This time of year can be challenging because of the cooler and/or inclement weather in the high 20s to low 40s.  Our midge hatch is also happening at this time, and using nymphs, emergers, and drys will result in a fine catch.  If your fingers can take the cold, you will catch an abundance of fish; at times, the quota and sizes can be outstanding.  

A 5-6-weight rod will be your best bet for any of our fishing in the area.

  • No Dirty/Murky Water in Spring Runoff Months

Swan Valley’s waters are rising in April, May, and June, but we are sheltered from dirty water at that time because the Palisades Dam filters it.  During these months, you will also be nymphing and streamer fishing.  From late June to the first part of July, the Dry Fly fishing gets into gear, and giant stone flies, as well as PMDs, are the best to use.  Other rivers come into play in the area at that time after Spring Run Off, where the hatches are just as fantastic over in nearby Wyoming on the Salt, Greys, and Green Rivers.  

  • Spring Brings A Fly Fishing Master Class Retreat

May in Swan Valley also offers the Angling For a Perfect Cast Retreat with the International Federation of Fly Fishers’ Master Casting Instructor (one of 210 worldwide) Dayle Mazarella, scheduled for May 23-27, 2024, at River Retreat Lodge.

No matter the season, Swan Valley is the best fly fishing in US. Stay at River Retreat Lodge and fish the trifecta of rivers- Southfork of the Snake River and Wyoming’s Greys and Salt Rivers. 

Image of man fly fishing on southfork of snake river - best fly fishing US

Get to Know Star Valley’s Abundant Fly-Fishing Rivers 

About the  Untamed Waters of Greys River: A Local Guide’s Insight

Nestled amidst the rugged landscapes of western Wyoming lies the untamed beauty of Greys River, a haven for anglers seeking the thrill of fly fishing in its purest form. As a seasoned guide intimately familiar with these waters, I’ve witnessed the allure and challenges they present to both novices and seasoned veterans alike.

Greys River boasts a reputation for its pristine wilderness, where cutthroat trout roam freely in its crystal-clear currents. The river is renowned for offering a rare opportunity to complete the ultimate cutthroat trout fishing slam, as highlighted in Outdoor Life. From the native Yellowstone cutthroat to the elusive Snake River fine-spotted cutthroat, anglers can test their skills against diverse trout species in these waters.

Navigating Greys River demands patience, skill, and respect for its wild nature. Unlike heavily stocked streams, Greys River offers an authentic fishing experience where success is earned through understanding the river’s rhythm and the behavior of its elusive inhabitants.

Greys River is a dynamic ecosystem where fishing conditions can change rapidly. From riffles to deep pools and meandering bends, each stretch of the river presents its own set of challenges and rewards. As a guide, it’s my responsibility to equip anglers with the knowledge and techniques needed to adapt to these ever-changing conditions, ensuring a memorable and fruitful fishing excursion.

Unveiling the Secrets of Salt River: A Local Guide’s Perspective

The Salt River meanders gracefully, offering a haven for anglers seeking solitude and serenity amidst nature’s bounty. As a seasoned local guide with years of experience navigating these waters, I am privileged to share insights into the allure and challenges of fishing the Salt River.

This hidden river gem is known for its pristine waters and abundant trout population. From feisty rainbow trout to elusive brown trout, the river teems with life, enticing anglers with the promise of thrilling catches against a backdrop of stunning natural beauty.

The Salt River’s character is shaped by the unique topography of Star Valley, as highlighted in Matador Network’s exploration of the region. Flowing through verdant meadows, shadowed by majestic peaks, and adorned with cottonwood groves, the river offers a sensory experience unlike any other.

Navigating the Salt River requires patience, skill, and a deep understanding of its nuances. From strategic casting to reading the subtle currents, anglers must harness their expertise to outwit the wily trout that call these waters home.

As a guide, I am committed to providing anglers with an authentic and enriching experience on the Salt River. Whether it’s honing casting techniques, deciphering hatch patterns, or simply immersing oneself in the tranquility of nature, every excursion is crafted to foster a deeper connection with the river and its inhabitants.

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